Tag On That


Tag On That
Category : Advertisement & Media Services
Investment : $50,000

Tag On That

Profile Name Tag On That

Company Name Tag On That

Address Details Thailand

Country Name Thailand

State Name Bangok

Pincode 395002

Phone No 0852963741

Mobile No 0852963741

EmailID jets@yahoo.com

Fax 19,900

Web Address Thailand

Secondary Email jetsfranchise@yahoo.com

Franchisor Details

CEO Name Tag On That

Manager Name Mr. Shriang Gujarati

Date Commenced Operations 2002

Date Commenced Frachising 2001

No of Franchise Outlets 8

No. Of Company Owned Outlets 8

Current Outlets 8

Marketing materials available True

Please describe your business (Profile) Tag On That is not just a machine that can print on anything; it's an all inclusive system with thorough online training (tips, techniques and step-by-step processes) for ideas and support. Our many years of work and know-how on the printing process are all part of the Tag On That concept.

Investment Details

Cost Of Franchise $50,000
Investment Banch Fee $50,000
Investment Commission 69697687

property Details

What type of property is required for this franchise opportunity? Leased, Rented or Owned
Floor area requirement Minimum 150 Sq Ft . (1 Sq Meter = 10.76 Sq Ft.)
Preferred location of franchised outlet bangok

Other Details

Do you have a standard Franchise Agreement? False
How long is the franchise term for? How long is the franchise term for? True 3
Is the term renewable? False

  •  Jets World Group,161/2nd Floor,Kharva Street,
    NearSBI Bank,Opp. Shaishav,Hospital, Nanpura, Surat 395001.
  •  +91 99099 26263
  •  91 98794 65657
  • jetsfranchise@yahoo.com

About Franchies

Franchisee Management System consists of list of records about the management of the details of the students and the issues going on and also about some books and all. This is a web-based application. The project has five modules namely-Login component, Administrator Component, Franchise Manager Component, Student Component. According to the Modules the Distributor and Sub Distributors can manage and do their activities in easy manner.

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